Where You Can Buy Our Products
You can find Sugar Bottom Farm products at these fine establishments.
Small Town Market,  Clay, WV
Little Creek Crafts and More,  Ripley, WV
Witten Farm Market, Ripley, WV
Witten Farm Market, Ravenswood, WV
Witten Farm Market, Mineral Wells, WV
Cardinal Market, Grand Central Mall, Vienna, WV
Witten Farm Market, Vienna, WV
Crown Florals,  Parkersburg, WV
Capital Market,  Charleston, WV
The Shops at Dunber, Dunbar, WV
Gritt's Farm, Buffalo, WV
Honeybee Hills, Liberty, WV
The Commons Marketplace at Valley Park, Hurricane, WV
The Wild Ramp, Huntington, WV
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Upcoming Events
Park View Farmer's Market
3400 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, D.C.
Sunday: March 21,  April 4, April 18,  10 AM - 2 PM
Check their website schedule for other dates.