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Sugar Bottom Farm Raw Honey
Raw Honey
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Raw WV Honey  •  Raw Hawaiian Honey  •  Raw Tupelo Honey

Welcome to Sugar Bottom Farm, producers and packagers of some of the best raw honey in the world. The fabulous flavors, colors, and textures of our honeys are as unique as their regions of origin.  We offer eight varieties of delicious, raw Hawaiian Honey, West Virginia Wildflower Honey, and Georgia Tupelo Honey, “The Queen of Honeys.” 

In addition to its delicious taste, raw honey has been credited with many health benefits. In its raw form, this antioxidant-packed super food promotes wound healing, immunity boosts, allergy relief, and more.   

Our farm family works hard (actually, the honey bees do most of the work, but we help) to bring pure, delicious raw honey to your family’s table. If you are looking for a natural sweetener full of mother nature’s goodness, you can’t go wrong with raw honey from Sugar Bottom Farm.

Natural Beeswax Home & Body Products
We believe in creating quality products from natural ingredients for the health and well-being of you, your family, and our environment. Our Home and Body products are handmade from natural ingredients and include skincare products, candles, food wraps, and beeswax bars. 

Our Vision
By doing what we love, Sugar Bottom Farm strives to provide quality honey bees, raw honey, and other honey bee products. We value Quality for our family and want to provide that same Quality to yours. Only through Education, Preservation, Sustainability, and Good Agricultural Practices can we accomplish our mission. 

Sugar Bottom Farm is located in Ovapa, West Virginia. We are proud to be Certified WV Grown, certified Homegrown by Heroes, members of West Virginia Veterans & Warriors to Agriculture and Farmer Veteran Coalition programs, and a Pollinator Habitat Farm.