Hawaiian Raw Honey

Sugar Bottom Farm's line of raw liquid and crystalized Hawaiian honey from Hawaii’s Big Island’s Hamakua Apiaries. Because or the island’s extended bee season, the flavor profile, color and texture of the honey changes depending on what flowers are blooming. As a result we get a delicious variety of flavors including Hawaiian Tropical Wildflower Honey, Hawaiian Eucalyptus Honey, Hawaiian Christmas Berry Honey, Hawaiian Ohi’a Luhua Honey, Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Honey, and Hawaiian Wildflower with Coffee Blossom. Most varieties available in 16, 8 and 4 oz bottles.

Please Note: Because of low hive production this year, we currently only have Hawaiian Tropical Wildflower and Hawaiian Wildflower with Coffee Blossom Honey in stock.  We hope to have all the bees back to work and all varieties back in stock by March. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter here and we will let you know when varieties are back in stock. Thanks for your patience.